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Locations needed for Maaco paint and body shop centres

Maaco is looking for buildings and build-to-suit sites to expand our business. With over 500 paint and body shop centres already established, Maaco is North America's premier automotive franchise.

A potential Maaco body shop site must be zoned for automotive painting and auto body repair, and we prefer long-term leases (15 years). We will consider building and land purchases, multi-tenant buildings and existing body shop facilities, but we are not interested in ground leases.

Site criteria

  • Existing freestanding building
  • Building size: Approximately 2400-3050 sq. meters (min. 30 meters run)
  • Lot size: 3/4 to one acre*
  • Zoning: Industrial*
  • Parking: 35 cars (desired)*
  • Ceiling height: 4 meters under beam
  • Electrical: 3-phase, 400-amp service

* Applies to build-to-suit sites

If you have an available location that meets the following criteria, please contact us at: 610-574-1337 or fill out the form below.

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Contact information

Major target areas

We will consider other metro sites as well.