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Caring For Your Recently Painted Vehicle

Your vehicle’s fresh paint job requires very specific care in order to preserve its beauty. Maaco is here to make sure that you are well equipped to care for your vehicle’s shiny coat.

Make sure that you:

Wash Regularly

It is important to wait at least 30 days before washing your vehicle. Also, please be sure to avoid drive-through car wash locations for at least 90 days as your paint continues to cure. When you prepare for that initial car wash, use a high-quality automotive soap. It is best to use a foaming sponge, applying the soap in straight lines, avoiding circular motions, and rinsing with clean water. You must use a microfiber towel to ensure that you are drying your vehicle properly. CAUTION: Do not use bathroom towels, paper towels, or rags because they result in tiny scratches that have the potential to erode paint over time.


Wax is used as a protective seal on the top of the paint. It serves as a guard for dirt, dust, pollution, water, or any other harmful substances that your vehicle encounters. Please be sure to avoid waxing your vehicle for at least 60 days after your new paint job. Routine waxing should be done every three months.

Keep It Out Of The Sun

Ultraviolet rays pose a danger to your vehicle’s new paint job over time. The sunlight can cause the paint to both oxidize and fade resulting in an older-looking vehicle, and eventually rust. Whenever possible, park your vehicle in a shaded or covered space. This practice alone can add years to the life of your paint.