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Client stories

Maaco has helped repair or paint more than 20 million cars during our 40+ years. Below are some of our favorite customer stories!

A Fresh Coat of Paint for Faye

Faye spent years restoring and getting her 1980 pride and joy to run. All that was left was a fresh coat of paint to turn the car she drives into the car she loves.Check Faye's story and see how the team at Maaco gave her ride a fresh coat of paint. Hear her story and see her big reveal.

Army Vet Ben and his dad restore a 1967 Chevy

Ben, an Army veteran, bonds with his dad over a restoration project that brings new life back to a Chevy Impala. After Ben returned home from Afghanistan severely injured from a bombing, his dad surprises him with the chance to fix up a car from his favorite TV show. Follow Ben on his road to recover and the car that brought them together.

Dave Gets His Ford 4x4 A #MAACOVER

Dave from Portland needs a fresh look for his Ford 4x4 and he knows just where to take it. He's found easy, affordable and reliable at survices at Maaco for his first, second, third and even fourth family car. Follow Dave as the guys at the Portland, OR Maaco give his ride a fresh coat of paint. He'll tell you for himself, just how good it looks.

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