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How to Prevent Car Door Dings and Dents: 8 Tips

December 19th, 2023 |

How to Prevent Car Door Dings and Dents: 8 Tips

Nothing diminishes your car’s aesthetic like the sudden appearance of a door ding or dent. It’s an issue that can happen to anyone anytime—whether you’re parked at the grocery store or making a quick stop at the convenience store.

The good news? Most dings and dents are preventable. You take pride in your vehicle’s appearance and deserve to keep it looking its best. Our guide will show you how to prevent door dings and ensure you know the steps to take if one occurs despite your best efforts. And for those unexpected dings and dents, remember that participating Maaco shops stand ready with affordable paintless dent repair solutions you can rely on.

8 Car Door Dent Prevention Tips

If you want to learn how to avoid door dings, you’ve come to the right place. While door dings and dents aren’t always preventable, taking extra precautions can reduce the likelihood of your car being damaged. Here are eight car door dent prevention tips to help you maintain the flawless look of your vehicle.

1. Park Away from Other Vehicles

One of the best ways to prevent door dings is by being mindful of where you park when making daily commutes, a grocery store run, and everything in between. Find a spot that minimizes the chances of accidental dings—parking at the end of a row away from other vehicles can reduce the risk of your car being in the path of other car doors, shopping carts, and other common culprits.

2. Park on the Passenger Side of Other Vehicles

This car door dent prevention tactic relies on the fact that passenger doors are less frequently used than driver-side doors, reducing the risk of someone flinging open their door into yours. It’s a simple yet effective method to decrease the likelihood of a dent.

3. Watch Out for Curbs and Obstacles

Static objects can just as easily ding your car. When parking or maneuvering around corners and curbs, ensure you have ample room to open your doors without hitting any surrounding obstructions, which can be just as damaging as another vehicle. Some obstacles you should watch for include curbs, signs, light posts, walls, and bushes.

4. Never Take Up Multiple Parking Spaces

Misaligned parking is an invitation for trouble. While some drivers choose to take up two or more spots to prevent door dings, you may be more likely to anger other drivers, risking intentional damage. By parking squarely within your designated spot, you show courtesy to other drivers, significantly lessening the chance of door-to-door contact.

5. Avoid Parking Near Neglected Vehicles and Larger Vehicle Classes

Larger vehicles, like SUVs and trucks, have heavier doors that can cause more significant damage. Similarly, cars that appear neglected may indicate an owner less concerned with dings, so give these vehicles a wide berth when searching for an ideal parking space.

6. Park Near More Expensive or Smaller Vehicles

Smaller cars have less door surface area to swing into yours, and owners of higher-end cars are typically more cautious with their doors. Positioning your vehicle beside these cars is a good strategy and will help safeguard your car against accidental damage.

7. Use Parking Sensors or Cameras

Technology is a valuable ally in learning how to prevent door dings. Sensors and cameras can help you navigate tight spots and park more precisely, informing you of the proximity to potential door-dinging hazards. Additionally, some cameras continue to capture nearby motion after you leave. If someone hits your vehicle, your vehicle may be capable of capturing footage that could help you make an insurance claim.

8. Park in Covered Areas When Possible

Enclosed parking is the gold standard for car door dent prevention. It shields your car from hail, snow, and storms and provides a controlled environment that's generally less prone to the chaos of outdoor public parking spaces.

What to Do if Your Door is Dented or Dinged

Despite your best efforts, sometimes knowing how to prevent door dings and taking extra precautions isn’t enough. Fortunately, solutions are available if you find yourself with this common but frustrating issue.

Participating Maaco locations offer a swift and efficient paintless dent repair service (available at participating locations) that will have your car looking as good as new without breaking the bank. You can even use our online estimator to see how much you’ll save with Maaco. If you’ve suffered a door ding, don’t wait — Find a Maaco location near you and schedule an appointment today.

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