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Paint Myth Busters

As you consider the daily maintenance of your vehicle, we know that there are few practices that might be more harmful than helpful when it comes to the paint surface of your vehicle. As your local community expert, we want to make sure that we have informed you of the best way to preserve your car’s look. With certain, consistent practices, you could be causing long-term damage over time. We hope to dispel a few myths that are sure to assist you!

It’s perfectly fine to use dish detergent to wash my vehicle.

It is not recommended to use household cleaning agents like hand soap and dishwashing detergent on automotive paint. These products can be very harsh on your vehicle's exterior. They are intended to remove waxes, polymers, and silicones, which protect your vehicle's finish. It is recommended to use products made specifically for automotive paint to protect your finish and keep your vehicle looking great!

When washing and drying my vehicle, I can use a sponge or washcloth.

Sponges and plain washcloths are not effective at removing dirt and grime and can actually trap dirt and grime that can scratch your vehicle's paint. Microfiber washcloths and towels are recommended to be used instead. This type of towel is much softer and can get the job done.

Silicone waxed-based products do not prevent my vehicle from being repainted.

If your vehicle needs repainting, your local Maaco will use special products that clean the panels prior to repairs and paint, which will eliminate wax and grease to ensure your new paint turns out great.

Silicone products such as waxes and detailing sprays are great to preserve your car’s protective finish and paint. Although these products are never to be used in a body shop because they can contaminate surfaces keeping new paint from adhering, it is fine for you to use products containing silicone on your vehicle after your vehicle has been serviced. In fact, we recommend waxing your vehicle every few months to keep your car looking new. After your Maaco service, you will be given details on proper care for your vehicle.

You can easily remove swirls and scratches in your automotive paint with DIY products.

Many products that claim to remove scratches in automotive paint are only a temporary option that makes scratches appear less noticeable. They are not a permanent fix to the problem. To properly remove scratches once and for all, different procedures are required based on how deep they go.

- Light scratches or swirl scratches on the very top surface may be eliminated with a specially formulated polishing cream applied with a machine polishing tool.

- Scratches deeper into the clear coating require an advanced method including wet sanding and buffing.

- Scratches that are deep enough to catch your fingernail will require repainting.

At Maaco, we do a full assessment of the vehicle to determine the type of scratches/repairs needed and the best service options available. If you’re looking to eliminate scratches in your paint, it’s best to seek advice from trained professionals such as Maaco.