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The Accident Stats Behind Black Friday

October 31st, 2023 |

Dents, Dings, and Deals?! Oh My!

With Black Friday, one of retail’s biggest holidays, quickly approaching, it is no surprise that roads and parking lots may feel more congested. An increased number of drivers on the road, racing to snag the best retail discount can also lead to an increased number of accidents, dents, or dings while you’re out and about. A little precaution can go a long way towards safeguarding yourself and your vehicle during your holiday shopping.

The Numbers

Some retail deals are too good to resist, and we don’t blame you! So, if you decide to venture out for Black Friday shopping, what are the numbers you’re up against?

Claims data from Progressive Insurance revealed the following numbers when compared to data from the two weeks before the holidays and the two weeks following the holiday week:

  • 25% increase in vehicle accidents on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving
    • 20% increase in Thanksgiving night vehicle accidents
  • 31% of these were specific to parking
    • 34% increase in Black Friday vehicle accidents
  • 31% of these accidents were also specific to parking or backing up

Why the Rush?

Numerous factors contribute to these increased accident rates such as distracted driving, fatigued driving, or even aggressive driving.

  • Distracted driving: Whether you’re downloading that exclusive limited time offer coupon or using your cellphone as GPS to navigate to the best deals, all types of cellphone usage while driving can lead to increased accidents on the road. Download any promotional or directional material you may need in advance to ensure you arrive safely and soundly at your destination.
  • Fatigued driving: From getting up early to staying up late or traveling far over the holidays, fatigue can be a major problem on the roads. Tired drivers will be less alert, leading to an increased chance of accidental dings or dents while parking and opening and closing car doors.
  • Aggressive driving: Black Friday has come to be known for not only its deals but also the occasional customer brawl. It’s no surprise that this aggressive behavior can also be a contributing factor to more accidents on the road. Speeding, tailgating, and darting through crowded parking lots are all ill-advised actions that can have severe consequences.

Bumper Damage Prevention and Navigating the Uh-Ohs:

In the chaos of Black Friday shopping, bumper damage is another common concern. To avoid it, be extra cautious while parking and consider the following to help you complete your shopping ding, dent, and paint scratch-free:

  • Park away from the entrance: Choose a spot farther from the entrance to minimize the risk of bumper damage from crowded areas and stray shopping carts.
  • Double-check your surroundings: Use your mirrors and be attentive to your surroundings to prevent collisions with absentminded pedestrians or vehicles cutting through the parking lot. With additional traffic expected on the roads, keep an extra watchful eye on the road ahead for any unexpected obstacles or aggressive drivers.
  • Park head-on: Opt for head-on parking to increase visibility and reduce the chance of accidental scratches and dents from adjacent vehicles.

If your vehicle didn’t make it out of Black Friday unscathed, we’re here to help! With services spanning auto painting, collision repair, headlight restoration, and paintless dent repair, we’re ready to tackle whatever Black Friday throws your way. Schedule an appointment at a Maaco location near you!

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