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Have you walked around your vehicle and found a scratch or dent that you never noticed before? I’m sure once you see it you are wondering why you even need to consider fixing that old scratch or dent!

Did you know that avoiding repair to those kinds of damages can lead to rust?

Once a car has been scratched, the protective coat is no longer present, exposing the metal to the elements that can result in rust.

Did you know that those dings, dents, and scratches can cause a decline in the value of your trade-in?

Dings, dents, and scratches are categorized as blemishes on the vehicle. If you have a leased vehicle you may end up having to pay for any of those blemishes the dealership finds when you are ready to turn-in your vehicle.

Did you know that weather can cause fading or peeling to your car’s coat?

Sun exposure can cause premature fading of your vehicle’s paint. In addition, the sun can cause peeling of the paint. As it relates to winter weather, the salt used to de-ice the road can scratch your vehicle’s paint. Those scratches are the entryway for moisture and debris below the paint. The moisture and debris can cause bubbles below the paint.

Are you ready to make things right with your ride? Here’s a quick walk-through of the process!

  1. During your official estimate, we will do a full walk-through of your vehicle to see all repairs and paint services needed.

  2. We will walk through the available paint and service options with you

  3. After deciding the best service level for your needs an official estimate will be written up

  4. You can work with the shop to determine the best time to drop-off your vehicle for repairs

  5. The shop will work on your vehicle giving it the MAACOVER it deserves!

  6. Once your vehicle is ready you can leave the lot with your refreshed ride!